The CLUB 119 Collective

About the Collective...

In the Club 119 Collective, we bring together women who love Jesus and want take their journey in the Bible to the next level by cultivating strong, personal Bible engagement skills & practices all while creating lasting connections with sisters in Christ so that we can boldly & beautifully live for the glory of God and the love of others.

Who the Collective is for...

This community is for women who want to grow deeper in the Word but sometimes struggle with motivation, consistency, or simply just getting started with reading or studying!

If you're new to faith in Christ and you're looking for a place to grow spiritually, Club 119 is for you.

If you are nerdy about the Bible and want to share your nerdiness with others, Club 119 is for you.

If you want help building better Bible study skills, Club 119 is for you.

If you want to connect with other women of faith, Club 119 is for you.

If you want a safe space to ask questions, Club 119 is for you. 

If you're looking for a group that will challenge you to dig deep in the Bible so you know it for yourself, once and for all, Club 119 is for you.

What's inside...

  • One Year in the Bible - Start or continue your journey of reading the Bible through the year with a plan of your choice!
  • Scripture Writers - Love scripture writing? Choose this year's scripture writing plan or one from the collection and start writing scriptures as part of your quiet time or journaling ritual. I go live twice a month in the collective and you can scripture journal with me! You can also share photos of your journaling pages with the group!
  • The War Room - Prayer is such a wonderful thing to do in community. In this Space, you can share prayer requests and praises, ask questions, and inspiration or ideas from your own prayer journaling, war binder or war room!
  • The Book Club - As a book lover, I always enjoy getting recommendations and seeing what others are reading and learning! Share and receive book recommendations and other bookish fun in this Space! We read a book pick every summer and winter!
  • Live Well Planned  - This space is for planners who want to stay accountable with their goals and plans. It is currently under construction - stay tuned! 
  • The Mix Tape - If you love music and it's a part of your journey, then I hope you'll join this Space in creating a group "mix tape". Answer weekly prompts and share favorite tunes that are accompanying you on your journey! 

  • Everything in Basic +
  • The Bible Study Project - This has become the heartbeat of CLUB 119. Join the group where we study through books of the Bible and meet every other Monday afternoon from 3PM-5:30PM CST during our spring and fall seasons to discuss what we're learning! It's a great place to ask questions, share resources, and bounce ideas off other people who care about knowing God and the Bible well. In this group, you get access to -
    • Replays of all Monday sessions (We've got 4 full book studies in the archives!)
    • Downloadable sticker kits from each Bible study
    • Resource lists
    • My Bible Study Notion Database
    • Private Telegram Group
    • Access to my full 12-week Ephesians Bible study course

Answers to your questions...

What if I don't know much about the Bible, but I want to learn. Would this be for me?

ABSOLUTELY! It doesn't matter if you're a beginner, well-versed, or anywhere in-between, if you love Jesus, care about His Word and want to grow in your faith - you're welcome!

Do I need any special supplies?

Not necessarily. Bible study really only requires 4 basic things: a Bible, something to write on, something to write with, and the internet (for research). However, if you’re a Bible nerd, I assume you probably have extras like creative journaling supplies, maybe a concordance, a Bible dictionary or some commentary. These kinds of extras will be useful. I will always recommend what I’m using but most tools are optional.

Is this community affiliated with a particular denomination?

Nope! You don't have to be part of any specific denomination to be a part of this group. While this space isn't intentionally structured to have denomination-specific conversations, conversations about the Bible will potentially bring up topics or subjects where people disagree theologically and that's okay! My desire is for people of different theological backgrounds and church contexts to have a safe space to have meaningful conversations about what we all care about - the Bible and it's impact on our lives.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

While I would absolutely hate for you to leave, I understand. Yes, you can quit either CLUB 119 Collective membership at anytime.

About the creator...

Hi! My name is Elyssa and I’m a Jesus follower & a Bible nerd. 

While I've grown up in the faith, I've absolutely struggled with being consistent in prayer and Bible reading & study. I'm not perfect at it all and I'm not an expert by any means. I just love creating space other women to learn and grow because I know if I need it, someone else does! I hope you’ll consider me a sister walking along side you on this journey to growing in your love of Jesus and His Word!

I also love hanging out with my family, shopping for books, eating pasta, listening to music! If you want to check out my other corner of the interwebs, you can find me at - You can also find me on Instagram @elyssanalani :)